Experience Miraki’s Tailor-Made IT Solutions for Renewable Energy

We as a leading provider of IT solutions, offer expert-level digital solutions in the Renewable Energy industry. Renewable energy refers to clean energy, comes from natural sources or methods that are uniformly replenished such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, etc.

We take such high-level responsibility and care in encouraging and supporting renewable energy, which in turn helps many industries. Miraki tech has an award-winning IT experience to strengthen the growth of digitizing renewable energy industry across these areas.

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Industry Segments

Solar Energy

Miraki renders smart solar and asset monitoring and performance management platforms.

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Water and wastewater

Our revolutionary digital solutions will facilitate the water industry to develop the usefulness of water infrastructure.

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Wind Energy

Miraki Tech implements exceptional wind energy asset monitoring and efficiency management platforms for creative IT solutions.

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Other Renewables

Miraki also concentrates on new renewable energy technologies for hydroelectric power, wind power, bioenergy, and geothermal energy.

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What do you get?


Digital Customer Experience

Miraki Tech offers you an integrated approach to Digital Customer Experience for your unique digital growth.


Enterprise Asset Management

We develop integrated solution maximizing asset and work efficiency in the industry


Energy & Utilities

Our advanced digital core package solution fitting for power, water & renewable utilities


Energy & Utilities Analytics

We bring vital data for solar and wind companies to meet the changing current and future needs of the industry.


Other Renewable Industries

We also serve customized and new renewable energy technologies for hydroelectric power, wind power, bioenergy, and geothermal energy.


Smarter Workforce

We have experienced specialists with an incredible success rate in offering innovative digital solutions to your industry requirements.

Miraki’s Role in the Industry

With our expertise in delivering our services to global clients, we are proud to say that our offerings to the Renewable Energy Industry in digital transformation are more than what you expect.

We guarantee you that we will keep on helping the Renewable Energy Industry for digital progress continuously, which will, in turn, help industry, society, stakeholders, and ultimate customers in improving their lifestyle.

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