CII GreenPro is an organisation which certifies the eco friendly products for different industries. The certification system guides the manufacturers to improve their products green performance and position them as green and eco-friendly.GreenPro is a Type – 1 Ecolabel which empowers the end clients in the structure segment and assembling part to pick maintainable items, materials and advances for diminishing nature impacts during the development, activity and support of their structures and production lines. GreenPro Ecolabel is certified by Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) through GENICES – GEN's Internationally Coordinated Ecolabelling System. An item which bears GreenPro Ecolabel has lower condition sway and contributes essentially for upgrading the presentation of Green Buildings and Green Companies. GreenPro enables end clients with item maintainability data and steer them towards buying of feasible items.

Problem Statement:

Operations of GreenPro:

The whole process of the certification of a product used to be offline with the involvement of a lot of segments and resources, which made it difficult and time consuming.

The process that had to be followed was:

  • The vendor (product manufacturer) needs to fill up a form full of details about the product and wait for the reply from the officials of Greenpro to go through the form.

  • The officials go through the details, learn about the product and the method of manufacturing in detail.

  • The overall product is then examined and checked. The raw materials used are cross checked and noted and a report is filed.

  • After the payment of the certification fee, Greenpro certifies the product offline and provides a certificate to vendor for that product.


The entire process of certification was automated by team Mirakitech. It took approximately 6 months to build the entire application just to give vendor an option to apply for a product certification online.

How Miraki Technologies Assisted GreenPro:

This whole procedure is now automated by Miraki Technologies a well-established and known company.With more than 6 years of experience, MirakiTech team has helped two hundred plus clients in reaching their goals of which CII GreenPro is one esteem client. The Miraki Tech team is a master in Website Design & Development, Mobile App Design & Development.

The whole website is developed by Miraki Tech team within 6 months from scratch. The team worked on bringing out the best possible output with all the required features.


Online Mechanism of GreenPro:

The process of certifying a product has become simpler after coming forward with the online mechanism. In order to get certified by the CII GreenPro there are few steps to be followed and milestones to be passed.

  • The vendor first needs to sign up to the website.

  • image
  • The admin needs to approve the vendor, after which he is provided with an account like this.

  • This account consists of a dashboard, list of products, payment history, and all the other information and options required.

  • Then the product has to be registered by the vendor. It can either be a single product or a bulk of products. The vendor needs to give the information like the product name, description of the product, category and manufacturing unit details. For Bulk products the vendor can directly upload the excel sheets.

  • The product is then allotted with an EOI number. EOI is a unique number given to each registered product. If bulk products are uploaded they receive an Upload Reference Number (URN).

  • Once product is accepted by admin, there are 8 sections to be filled by the vendor which gives the admin in detailed information about the product.

  • Once the forms are filled and submitted, if there are any changes or any other information is needed the can comment and send them back to vendor. This is a to and fro process until the admin receives all the information he needs.

  • After going through them, the admin finalises the product. Once that is done a final review and technical advice is given also credits are allotted to each form.

  • The admin sends the final report and the certificate for the selected products which the vendor can download from the certified products list.

  • This is the certificated provided by CII GreenPro. This is where the process comes to an end.



The application for CII Greenpro came to life making it trouble free for both the vendor and the admin. The process of certification has become uncomplicated and less time consuming. There is a decrease in the number or people involved building a direct link between the vendor and the admin.

  • Client: CII GreenPro
  • Technologies: PHP , HTML, CSS
  • Completed: 28 April 2020
  • Website: